The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and Office of Engineering and Technology has released a report on spectrum usage for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations. The report finds that the 5030-5091 MHz band is suitable for such operations and recommends that the Commission begin a rule-making to develop service and licensing rules enabling UAS use of that band.

The report also finds that alternative frequencies licensed under flexible-use service rules are a promising option for UAS communications. The report notes that, absent specific restrictions in the spectrum allocation or service rules, current law does not prohibit UAS communications in the flexible use bands, but it finds that UAS does have the potential to cause harmful interference to other operations and recommends that the Commission continue to review the use of flexible-use bands for drones. Separately, the report raises concerns with similar proposed usage of the 960-1164 MHz band and recommends continuing to seek public and stakeholder input on that issue.

“With the increased reliance on UAS for various business and consumer uses, this was an appropriate time for Commission staff to review the spectrum needs of UAS,” said Don Stockdale, Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. “We found that there is a reasonable path forward for use of the 5030-5091 MHz band by drones. It is less clear at this time whether the proposed use of the 960-1164 MHz band is feasible. In both cases, there is more work to do, but this is a critical juncture as we seek to ensure that spectrum is available to meet the needs of these increasingly important devices.”

“We are optimistic about the use of flexible-use bands to support UAS operations,” said Ron Repasi, Acting Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology. “However, we recognize that drone operations on flexible-use spectrum may raise interference issues for co-channel and adjacent-channel networks, so we recommend further work on using these bands for UAS. Commission staff look forward to continued engagement with Federal and private-sector stakeholders to address these issues.”

This report, mandated by Congress in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, provides an analysis of the feasibility and impacts of spectrum usage by UAS operations. The FCC expects that the NTIA and FAA, which Congress also directed to submit a report addressing UAS use of the 5030-5091 MHz and 960-1164 MHz bands, will submit separate reports regarding matters under their respective areas of authority. The FCC report was sent to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, and the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The report, entitled “Report on Section 374 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018,” is available here.

Source: Press Release

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