A Canadian company, Aero Concept Systems Inc., has created the Aero Rover 100-6L decontamination drone, aimed for medium and large venues.

“Expectations are now that a bus, plane or train is being decontaminated and disinfection at a level that was unheard of before,” said Paul St-Onge, president of Aero Concept Systems Inc.

The Aero Rover TAB with electrostatic application costs $6,000 and the Aero Rover 100-6L decontamination drone, aimed for medium and large venues such as arenas, stadiums, courts and indoor sports field, cost $15,000.

He wanted to find a way decontaminate each area of a bus in an efficient manner to create a safe environment.

“When the pandemic hit, as a college teacher responsible for first responders and training, I needed to find a tool that allowed us to get back to training with everything suspended,” said St-Onge.

He is also a coordinator for the police foundations program at College La Cite in Ottawa. Part of his responsibility is preparing for training and de-escalation labs, among others. He has been integrating drone technology with his first responders. He has also been working to incorporate artificial intelligence in his labs.

In his discussions with various bus companies, they found out it could take 15 to 20 minutes to clean an entire bus, manually. The operator does not need to be in the bus to clean it.

“I decided to turn on a dime and use what we have been developing for artificial intelligence and for drone technology and robotics and put it towards something that would be able to be a new type of tool that would be more efficient and also help custodial staff and people that have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of people in common areas and continue to need to work,” said St-Onge.

The Aero Rover TAB with electrostatic application can sanitize surfaces on trains, airplanes and buses. The company claims to be able to spray the back of the bus to the front in one minute and 34 seconds.

Source: Standard Freeholder

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