A drone was hovering over a balcony carrying a carton of Indomie noodles. Following the command of the person behind the camera, it dropped the carton on a table and brought out a PoS device, seemingly out of nowhere. The person recording then went on to make payment by swiping their card through the PoS. And that was it. No PIN or few seconds of network delay. A simple swipe and the drone glided away.

For a few seconds, we fell for it. After all, drone technology and its possibilities are no longer strange — not even to the layman. But as much as I wanted to believe this utopic image that would revolutionise e-commerce in Nigeria, I was sceptical. It seemed too perfect and seamless to be real.

The video was captioned with hashtags “#visualeffects” and “#3Danimation”. Anisiuba Uche, who posted the video, also happened to be the co-founder of an animation and visual effects company.

But these didn’t stop thousands of people who viewed the video from thinking — or almost thinking — it was real.

“Is this our Nigeria??” “Wow..are you for real. Drone delivery service in Lagos.” “What company offers that service? And is the drone safe from theft?”. These were some of the reactions to the video, which has spread on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Anisubia later tweeted:

I hear some people have been energetically arguing if this is real or not. Let me help you out. Here is a before and after 😂. Sorry, not sorry 😆

Source: Techpoint Africa

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