IN•FLIGHT Data, one of Canada’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) operators, has taken the next logical step in its evolution, relocating its operations and headquarters to the Calgary/Okotoks Air Park.

The new IN•FLIGHT Data facility is 2,000 square feet (185 m²) and offers many immediate advantages. The new IN•FLIGHT Data headquarters will oversee all complex RPAS operations, carry out professional RPAS training to Transport Canada standards, and work closely with the airport and the broader manned aviation community. In addition, IN•FLIGHT has access to 86,000+ square feet (8,000 m²) of space for outdoor training.

The expansion means RPAS training will take place in a dedicated classroom space and that RPAS student flights can occur within a spacious, climate-controlled hangar.

“That airport already has a manned aviation school that is training private and commercial pilots. The Foothills Helicopter Training Academy is also one of our neighbours. With IN•FLIGHT now on-board, we are building Canada’s first full-circle aviation training campus,” says Chris Healy, IN•FLIGHT Founder and CEO.

“This also gives us a training location where we can livestream our elite training across Canada and the world from our professional studio, amidst a Certified Canadian Airport.”

The move also reflects changes happening in the global aviation industry in a broader sense. Whereas drones were once viewed with suspicion and concern by the manned aviation sector, there’s now recognition of the incredible utility of these devices. Before long, manned and unmanned aircraft will be routinely and safely sharing the same airspace.

“As we go into the future, the unmanned aircraft sector is going to just be growing,” says Okotoks Air Park manager Tim Ulmer. “Whether it’s drone deliveries, drone inspections, or perhaps even passenger drones in the future. With IN•FLIGHT Data, it’s a natural evolution of the two sectors getting along, cooperating and growing together. From my perspective, this is a perfect fit and we’re thrilled.

IN•FLIGHT Data, through a partnership with Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems (RMUS), will also be accredited instructors for the DJI Academy – a training course created by the global leader in RPAS innovation and sales.

IN•FLIGHT Data will be the exclusive instructors for Alberta. And we will be setting up a sales and service office within the IN•FLIGHT space. Chris Healy is a true pioneer in this sector. We’re excited about his move – and our partnership.”

As for Chris Healy, this is part of a natural expansion and evolution that will see IN•FLIGHT Data bolster its already-recognized training program.

“There aren’t a lot of drone operators at airports right now. Going forward, training will become a significant larger portion of our business. This will give us a webcasting studio that’s going to look very much like you’re watching Global News Morning. Plus, it gives us about 8,000 square meters for us to train advanced pilots.”

Photo: Marcel Vajdik, Droto Photography

Source: Press Release

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