Port authorities in Antwerp, Belgium, are making use of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) to support its day-to-day monitoring of port operations and rapid response to pollution incidents in the port area.

The Port of Antwerp is one of the biggest port areas in the world, with a total port area of 120km2, or about 20.000 football fields. In addition to having a 166km long quay, Port of Antwerp registered over 14.400 seagoing vessels, making the port one of the busiest in the world.

The focus is on using unmanned technology to help port authorities conduct safe and efficient surveillance of ship and port operations as well as to respond to safety and pollution incidents rapidly.

Knut Roar Wiig, CEO of Nordic Unmanned, was excited to begin operations in Antwerp:

The start of the operation in the Port of Antwerp is marking the start of using RPAS as an integrated part of the port inspection and monitoring services. We strongly believe many of the large ports across Europe have a similar need and we are looking forward to support EMSA and the Port of Antwerp in exploring how our RPAS service can be as relevant as possible for the port authorities.

Source: Press Release

Photos: Port of Antwerp

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