Turkey plans to commence serial production of its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Cargo UAV next year.

“A contract has been signed with the Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TAI) for the VTOL Cargo UAV project. We aim to start the serial production of the Cargo UAV system in 2021,”

Ismail Demir, Turkey’s President of Defense Industries (SSB) tweeted Monday.

The drone is designed to provide logistics support to soldiers in battlefield. It can remain in the air for an hour and has useful load capacity of 50 kg, Demir claims.

“We continue our work on the system that will carry 150 kg of useful load in our projects,” he added.

With our Vertical Landing and Take-off Cargo UAV project, the logistics support of our Turkish Armed Forces needs in mountainous lands will be met quickly and safely.

Sources: Defense World; Twitter

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