Kendrone Ltd in Kenya received its UTO [ UAS Training Organization ] Certificate, serial number 001, from the KCAA on the 17th November 2020 making it the first approved training organization in Africa, outside of South Africa.

Kendrone’s CEO and Founder, Captain Craig Cleave, has been actively involved in the East African drone sector since before Kenya published its first Drone Regulations in 2017. The 2017 regulations were annulled soon after publication and lengthy delay ensued until the 2020 regulation were promulgated in March 2020. The KCAA is now ready to administer the 2020 regulations and Kendrone was in full preparedness to kick start the East Africa drone sector by becoming certified to offer training services so Kenyans can attain their RPL’s [ Remote Pilot Licences ].

Kendrone’s achievement marks the opening up of the newest geographical drone market: East Africa, and we can expect to see allot of interest from major global players as well as local businesses.

CEO Cleave has extensive aviation experience and flew for Kenya’s National carrier Kenya Airways. He is a UAS Instructor and maintains a hands-on approach to ensure a practical connection to drone training and operations.

“Our persistence, determination and patience has paid off. I am incredibly proud that Kendrone has received its UTO Certification and being the first in Kenya is the cherry on the cake! Our work can finally begin. We look forward to kick starting the East Africa drone sector by creating a culture of safety and professionalism in the pilots we train. Safety, Security and Privacy in all things drone.”

Source: Press Release

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