UAV Navigation recently held a workshop with its partner, Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía. The workshop was an international reference in the development of technology applied in strategic sectors as Aerospace and Security and Defense, showing navigation solutions developed during the last years.

In addition to carrying out a demonstration of the technological capabilities of UAV Navigation, the main objective of the day focused on seeking synergies between both companies that can be applied in the development, production, and integration of their products and systems.

The workshop was held at Air Marugán, an aerodrome located in the province of Segovia, with the essential collaboration of two of our clients, Alpha Unmanned Systems and WAKE Engineering (Grupo CPS), whose platforms carried out real autonomous flight operations.

At the beginning of the workshop Tobias Webster, General Director of UAV Navigation, and his team welcomed the attendees of the event and introduced the technology that was later applied in the demonstrations of the platforms. Special emphasis on the VECTOR family of autopilots that are developed in UAV Navigation was also made, where multiple applications of its products and systems were also discussed: pointing antennas, cameras, stabilization of devices, etc.

After the first introduction, it was time to see the platforms fly. Alpha Unmanned Systems with its ALPHA-800 rotary-wing platform and WAKE Engineering, with its FULMAR fixed-wing, served as a practical example to show the possibilities of the technological capabilities developed by UAV Navigation. During both demonstrations, UAV Navigation customers described the potential of their platforms and the capabilities of their solutions.

Among those who attended the event, representatives of the armed forces were present. They had professional needs to find an answer in the technology that both UAV Navigation and Tecnobit develop in their products, which can be equally applicable also in a civil environment.

Source: Press Release

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