Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE), a manufacturer of high-performance cutting edge rotary engines for Aerospace has announced that its Lichfield facility in the United Kingdom has achieved AS9100D certification for design, development, production, assembly, and test of power unit systems.

AS9100D is an internationally respected Aerospace focused certificate that recognises a company as having developed, integrated, and put into operation a comprehensive quality management system that focuses on continual improvement, meeting customer requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.

AIE chose one of the world’s leading certification bodies – The British Standards Institution (BSI) as its assessment and certification partner based on its reputation and the high level of expertise, respect, and trust it has developed in the aerospace sector.

AIE’s AS9100D certification gives confidence to leading global integrators and OEM’s in the aerospace and defence industries that when partnering with AIE, specific requirements and specifications will be met and where possible exceeded.

Upgrading from ISO 9001:2008 to AS9001D certification was a natural progression for AIE in its strategy of continually developing both its business and its products according to market requirements and demands.

AIE’s Wankel rotary engines have an ultra-small form factor, low weight, and high-power density. The unrivalled power and durability of AIE’s lightweight rotary engines are achieved by integrating its unique and revolutionary SPARCS cooling technology. Ownership of SPARCS and other patented technology innovations allow AIE to pass on unique benefits to the customer.

Source: Press Release

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