Google last week applied to the FAA for permission to test out the use of drones for monitoring and fighting fires.

Google Research Climate and Energy Group (Google Research) requested permission to operate the HSE-UAV M8A Pro unmanned aircraft system, weighing over 55 pounds (lbs.), for testing fire-fighting and monitoring operations with first person view technology located at a confined private property in Firebaugh, California.

The HSE-UAV M8A Pro unmanned aircraft system is a crop-spraying drone built by Homeland Surveillance and Electronics. It is used for agricultural purposes like spraying chemicals on crops and could potentially be filled with water to put out fires. When full, the HSE-UAV M8A Pro can carry 20 liters of liquid, or 5 gallons, and fly for approximately eight to 15 minutes. The drone’s sprayer can typically cover 28 to 36 acres per hour.


The M8A Pro has since been replaced by the 6 gallon AG-122.

The petition for exemption can be accessed here.

Sources: DoT; Website

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