Test flights of the new ‘Shagala’ reconnaissance unmanned aircraft system have taken place . The UAV was developed by military scientists of the National Defense University named after the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy (NDU).

The practice of using UAVs in modern military conflicts has proven the need to develop its own analogue. The NUO analyzed the use of not only reconnaissance drones, but also strike drones as an effective weapon against enemy armored vehicles and manpower.

The prototype of the Shagala reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a hardware and software communication channel, its own cryptographic protocol and secure communication channels.

“I appreciate the desire to provide the troops with domestic developments in the field of UAVs. However, it should not be a blind copy of foreign counterparts, it is necessary to take into account all the needs of the Kazakh army, our geographic features for defensive purposes when developing the tactical and technical characteristics of domestic vehicles, ”

said Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Timur Dandybaev.

During the field tests of the experimental model, military scientists tested the latest design of the power supply resistant to low temperatures. The unique rechargeable battery is one of the latest developments of the specialists of the National Defense University.

The Deputy Minister of Defense drew attention to the fact that the production of Kazakh UAVs presupposes deep integration of the capabilities of the domestic defense industry, minimizing the import of components and assemblies not produced in Kazakhstan. For the serial production of the Shagala UAV, taking into account the capabilities of the domestic military-industrial complex, programs for servicing and training technicians and operators have been developed, as well as a course for combat training for UAV operators for implementation in educational institutions and units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the head of the military research center, Colonel Kuandyk Akshulakov, the Shagala unmanned aerial vehicle is not inferior in technical characteristics to foreign counterparts, but on the contrary has certain advantages.

“The UAV’s flight range is up to 30 kilometers. It can stay in the air for up to two and a half hours, it behaves steadily when the wind increases up to 14 meters per second. In the future, we plan that it will be put into service with the troops at the level – from platoon to battalion, ”

said Colonel Kuandyk Akshulakov, head of the military research center.

In the program of test flights, various stages of preparation and operating modes of the Chagall drone were presented. The results of scientific work have been patented and upon completion of the experimental military operation, all developments will be transferred to the defense-industrial complex of Kazakhstan.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Press Release

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