A new Guinness World Record was set last week in north China’s Tianjin Municipality for the longest animation performed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A total of 600 drones staged an animation at 2 a.m. in Tianjin University and the show lasted for 26 minutes and 19 seconds.

It depicted the life story of Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. The UAVs were developed by Tianjin EFY Technology Co., Ltd. and the show was supported by Tianjin University, using 600 Agile Bee II drones. The event took place in December at a temperature of -8° Celsius.

Many of the Dutch post-impressionist painter’s most famous artworks made an appearance in the skies including pictures of sunflowers, a starry night with a crescent moon, a Mulberry tree in autumn, and a self-portrait in a straw hat. Van Gogh’s style of painting also left its imprint on the drone art, which incorporated bold, dramatic brush strokes to express emotion and add a feeling of movement, broken, swirling lines to suggest the movement of the wind through the sky and short, circular lines around the stars and moon to create a twinkling effect. The show also referenced the painter’s experience of mental illness later in his life.

Source: YouTube

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