Pierce Aerospace announced that it has become a member of the Esri Partner Network, the global leader in location intelligence with powerful mapping and spatial analytics tools designed to serve public and private sector organizations of all sizes.

 “We’re excited to work with Esri,” exclaimed Aaron Pierce, CEO of Pierce Aerospace. “For the drone industry to flourish it is imperative that we make Remote ID accessible to as many users as we can. By working with Esri, whose geographic and mapping tools are used by 350,000 worldwide customers, we plan to provide Esri users with access to Flight Portal ID information. Our intent is to work with technology enablers, like Esri, enable access to Remote ID information while maintaining UAS operator privacy.”

Pierce Aerospace’s partnership with Esri not only aligns the companies for strategic technology integrations, but it also provides Pierce Aerospace with access to Esri’s GIS tools for optimization of planning and implementation of Flight Portal ID products, like Flight Portal ID Local Broadcast Ground Receivers. 

“I look forward to seeing what Pierce Aerospace brings to market by integrating our technology with Flight Portal ID.  The Esri Startup Program partnership and benefits will provide them with plenty of technical options and opportunities” said Jeff Wilson, Esri’s Emerging Business manager. 

“With this partnership we have set the stage to align our work in Remote ID with Esri’s mission as a leader in real time IoT geospatial information” said Pierce. “Integration of unmanned systems identification and location information into Esri’s tools will be crucial to opening next generation opportunities in mobility, commerce, and public services.”

Flight Portal ID is a leading Remote ID technology suite designed for integration into commercial and defense technologies such as Unmanned Traffic Management, Counter UAS, UAS OEM, and Command and Control systems. Flight Portal ID has previously provided initial integrations of Remote ID / Combat ID data into Northrop Grumman and US Army command and control systems in dense urban airspace as well as in live-fire engagements.

The Esri Partner Network is a rich ecosystem of organizations that work together to deliver solutions, content, and services. Partner allies are industry leaders aligned with Esri’s high level goals, joining forces to advance shared initiatives. Complementary Technology partners offer solutions compatible with the ArcGIS system, and Hardware partners offer packaged solutions, bundled offers, and devices for use with Esri technology.

 Source: Press Release

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