Red Cat Holdings, Inc.has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Skypersonic, Inc., a provider of drone products and software solutions that enable drone inspection flights that can be executed by pilots anywhere in the world.

Skypersonic powers drones to “Fly Anywhere” and “Inspect the Impossible”. Its patented software and hardware solutions allow for inspection services in restricted spaces where GPS is not allowed or available. Skycopter is a miniature drone fitted into a cage to avoid damage to inspected areas and the drone. Skyloc is a stand-alone, real time, software system which enables the drone to record and transmit inspection data while being operated from thousands of miles away. Skypersonic’s intellectual property portfolio includes eight US and European patents.

“The addition of Skypersonic will further strengthen our growing suite of highly specialized and unique drone services,” stated Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat. “We continue to build a strong platform of products and services in the drone industry which is forecast to reach $40 billion by 2025.” (Globe Newswire)

“Skypersonic currently services global customers in the automotive and energy industries who rely on our drone platform to perform real-time inspections in remote locations using pilots and inspectors located all over the world.” stated Giuseppe Santangelo, CEO of Skypersonic. “Combining our talent and resources with Red Cat will enable us to accelerate growth in established markets while expanding our reach into new territories.”

Source: Press Release

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