ZALA AERO GROUP unveiled a new hybrid unmanned system ZALA VTOL at the IDEX 2021 International Defense Industry Exhibition and Conference, which opened on February 21st in Abu Dhabi.

The unique system combines the best qualities of fixed-wing and multirotor types of UAVs and can change the configuration depending on the conditions of the performed task.

The ease of operation of this unmanned system allows the reduction of the role of the human factor, a decrease the number of equipment used when performing a flight mission, and to fully automate the flight processes of the UAV.

The computing power of the ZX1 on-board computer is based on artificial intelligence which makes it possible to process data in Full HD and transmit HD video and photos via encrypted communication channels to the GCS, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring even before the aircraft lands.

The versatility of the ZALA VTOL design makes it fully compatible with all existing ZALA payloads, and also allows the installation of additional surveying equipment.

The system is an effective solution for performing air monitoring for the fuel and energy complex, search and rescue operations to ensure safe take-off/landing from unprepared sites in urban environments, as well as hard-to-haul routes.


Since 2004 ZALA AERO GROUP is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems, unique payloads and mobile systems. Starting from January 2015 ZALA AERO is part of Concern Kalashnikov.

The main products are reconnaissance unmanned systems and digital solutions. Currently, more than 2000 of ZALA UAS operate within Russia. Areas of application are the protection of state borders, reconnaissance and rescue operations, monitoring of high-risk facilities, and emergencies.

ZALA AERO is the leader in the provision of air monitoring services in the gas and oil sectors in the Russian Federation. Every year ZALA AERO UAVs survey more than 5 million kilometers of oil and gas infrastructure performing more than 30,000 flights.

ZALA AERO specialized licensed training center for UAV operators. There are also individual courses on software training and tactics for specific application of systems.

Source: Press Release

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