Flint Hills Solutions and UAV Navigation have announced a Strategic Partnership to work together in North America to integrate their joint technologies onto the FH-900 series fully autonomous Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Helicopter.

The combined capabilities of the two companies represents a significant step in the development of a next generation UAS that will demonstrate an exceptional heavy lift, long endurance, open payload integration capability. The combined efforts of Flint Hills Solutions and UAV Navigation will provide unsurpassed enterprise solutions for Agriculture, Infrastructure Inspection, Package Delivery, Construction Management and Surveying, just to name a few.

“The combination of a long endurance, rapid response, heavy lift, and quiet electric VTOL UAS provides an incredible new resource for our enterprise customers looking to fly in adverse weather conditions, beyond line of sight, and in large diverse terrains. To date most customers are regulated to small multi rotor drones that are expensive, unable to be deployed 80% of the time due to winds and are made in China vs the United States and its Allies”,

said Roger Powers, President & CEO of Flint Hills Solutions.

The FH-900 Helicopters fly UAV Navigation advanced VECTOR autopilot systems as well as other UAV Navigation subsystems that have been MIL-Qualified and deployed in many defense and commercial controlled and uncontrolled airspace and missions. FHS not only provides the advanced Helicopter platform, power systems and landing skid options, it also has proprietary integration technology that hosts a broad sweet of payload systems including Multispectral, Thermal Imagers, LIDAR, high Optical Zoom and Electro Optical gimballed solutions.

Source: Press Release

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