Knut Roar Wiig alongside the CAMCOPTER S-100

Nordic Unmanned, a Norway-based provider of unmanned systems and services, announced that it has carried out a private placement of NOK 100 million to pursue acquisitions.

“While we see strong organic growth ahead, we also see tremendous opportunities to add value through acquisitions. We have mapped the industry in Europe, identifying a number of potential acquisition targets. There are a number of smaller niche players in the industry that will benefit from the growth engine we have built,”

said Knut Roar Wiig, CEO and co-founder of Nordic Unmanned.

The European drone market was estimated at approximately USD 5 billion in 2020 and is expected to double in size by 2025. The largest revenue segment is services, which is Nordic Unmanned’ s focus.

Nordic Unmanned was publicly listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo in December 2020 following a private placement of NOK 99 million, with the main purpose of expanding the fleet of unmanned aircraft. Since then, one Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 RPAS system is added to the fleet, and further additions are on the way.

“We’re the first publicly listed drone operator in Europe, and the strong reception after the listing has enabled us to raise further capital at favourable terms, putting us in an even better position to be a leader in an upcoming industry consolidation,” said Mr. Wiig.

See the regulatory release for further details

Source: Press Release

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