E&T Magazine attempted to obtain a jamming gun from the UK and from Germany. They used the online sales platform Made-in-China.com, which is advertised as a leading B2B e-commerce website for suppliers, wholesalers and exporters.

After making an inquiry for a military-grade jammer gun at counter-UAVs solution manufacturer Wavesonic Technology, a sales representative reached out via email.

By pretending that they wanted to ‘protect our property from drones’ the sales representative based in China sent images and additional description of the product.

Despite clearly stating that they are based in Europe and are private individuals, the salesperson insists that it is not a problem to ship the jammer gun to us. “It can be used to protect your private estate from an unwanted drone threat”, he assures them.

​The jammer gun isn’t cheap. The price tag is $5,000. The company is based in Wuhan, China, and can ship to Europe, no questions asked.

There is one caveat, though. The salesperson informs us that due to its nature of ‘being a gun’, the device would need to be disassembled and then reach us in separate smaller parcels.They were assured they can reassemble the gun ourselves when they receive it.

“Although it’s not a real gun with bullet[s], our country has strict regulation for exporting gun-type products, so we will disassemble it into several parts, and delivery to you by separate packages by DHL or TNT”, the salesperson writes in an email.

“But you don’t worry to assemble it, it’s very easy, with plug-in-out connectors,” the person writes.

Disassembly and shipment of parts of prohibited products from Asia to western countries is fairly common. In 2019, US officials intercepted and seized almost 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in three separate shipments at an LA port, hidden in containers with other household items such as apparel toys, and machinery.

Source: E&T

[ Drone jammers are readily available online in the USA at Jammer Shop – though we haven’t tried to import one to Europe – Ed.]

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