The future of vehicles from tech companies won’t just be aimed at making motorists’ lives easier. Brands like Amazon will be much more focused on how they can create vehicles that streamline their delivery service even more.

The answer to this is, of course, robots. Whether that’s in the form of a fleet of drones that would be launched and refuelled via this mobile hub or small ground-based delivery droids. Both will make that last mile increasingly cost-effective and eco-friendly, meaning you can feel a bit less guilty about those packages you forgot you ordered the night before.

This will be a function-first vehicle that can fit everything needed to get products from A to B (or A to Z if you ask Amazon) quickly.

Packing everything into the back of a large, modern van-style shell keeping a touch of nostalgia in their fleet design – they’ve always been keen to be viewed as the friendly, helpful face of global delivery monopolies – the rear cargo compartment is where the tech really comes into its own, acting as a launch point for its little robotic helpers to carry packages to their destination within a predetermined radius.


  • A mini onboard fleet of drones and robotic delivery units.
  • Increased cargo capacity to improve delivery efficiency even more.
  • EV tech allows you to feel less guilty about getting your daily Prime fix.

Source: Vanarama

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