Citadel Defense has received a follow-on urgent contract award from the U.S. Department of Defense to protect servicemen and servicewomen from small drone threats.

Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, says,

“Our team is honored to support the military’s efforts by delivering operator-centric and mission-proven CUAS solutions to the front lines. Titan gives U.S. troops and allies an advantage over non-state actors using drones as a weapon.”

Senior Pentagon Leaders have called small drones the greatest threat since IEDs on the battlefield.  The use of small drones has exploded and is rapidly changing the security environment. Adversaries have access to affordable and highly capable drone platforms that are easily adapted and weaponized to conduct surveillance and targeting against U.S. forces.

Titan applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and low-collateral electronic countermeasures that blind the drone pilot from collecting intelligence and prevent the drone from penetrating protected airspace.  With the click of a button, Titan generates a post mission analysis report that highlights threat activity patterns. This analysis equips operators and their command leadership with insights that help chart a course of action for each mission.

Warfighters in live threat environments value Titan as a critical part of their mission based on its effectiveness, ease of use, and interoperability with other command and control interfaces.  Titan’s low cost of support and sustainment, upgradability, and autonomy create efficiencies necessary to improve military and government mission outcomes.

“We constantly improve the Titan platform to equip operators with capabilities that address and adapt to the rapidly proliferating threat of small UAS across any region of the world,”

explained Sean Troyer, Director of Business Development at Citadel Defense and a former US SOCOM member.

Citadel Defense will accelerate delivery of Titan systems to address urgent operational needs to meet an aggressive deployment schedule for U.S. troops.

Source: Press Release

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