Next month, a new fiberglass sculpture by artist Sam Durant is set to be installed on the High Line at 30th St that will cut a dramatic figure across the skyline. The sculpture is in the shape of a large Predator drone (It has a wingspan of 48 feet!) and will tilt in the wind almost like an actual military aircraft.

“Untitled (drone)” was first conceived back in 2016 when it was shortlisted along with 12 others for the High Line Plinth. The war-themed artwork is meant to make the ongoing “invisible war” that the country is conducting in other countries more visible in Americans. Another aspect of the work with a political bent is that it will act as a weather vane, representing the different political winds of the moment.

Sam Durant, Untitled (drone), 2016-2021 (rendering). Proposal for the High Line Plinth. Commissioned by High Line Art

Untitled (drone) is meant to animate the question about the use of drones, surveillance, and targeted killings in places far and near, and whether as a society we agree with and want to continue these practices,” said Durant in a statement. “Art is a place where we can speculate about alternatives, other possibilities, where we can bring forward things that are unsaid, unknown or hidden from view, and have discussions about them.”

After opening for small groups and advanced registrations last yearThe High Line is currently open on weekdays from 7 am–7 pm with no registration required. Advanced registration is still required for weekend visits. Durant’s installation follows the High Line Plinth’s inaugural installation, Simone Leigh’s Brick House, and–after being installed next month—it will be on view through August 22.

Photos: Courtesy of the High Line

Source: TimeOut

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