Skycharge (formerly Skysense) has announced the launch of its first industrialized drone charging port for commercial drones SKYPORT DP5.

SKYPORT DP5 is an automatic drone hangar engineered to install the drone where is needed, keeping it charged, protected, and ready for automatic, on-demand, and scheduled missions.

The system is engineered for compact drones including DJI Mavic and Parrot ANAFI series, and comes integrated with FlytBase mission planner. Over the next months, the ecosystem of supported drone brands and mission planners is planned to grow.

A quick summary of the features that make SKYPORT DP5 a first in class drone charging hangar:

  • CE certification and safety rated
  • IP65 protection
  • Inox steel construction
  • Optional high-performance HVAC extending operating temperature to -35C and +65C
  • Zero-maintenance charging platform with no moving mechanical parts
  • Up to 500W charging at zero-loss-efficiency
  • Anti-theft electromechanical locking

Source: Website

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