Based in Espoo (Finland), Outsight Photonics has introduced the first LiDAR Pre-processor. The Augmented Lidar Box is a real-time Software Engine that provides the fundamental features you need to use Lidar in any project.

The Augmented LiDAR Box is the first LiDAR Pre-Processor aiming to close the Adoption Gap between Early LiDAR adopters preferring RAW data and the mainstream market requiring ready-to-use yet flexible solutions.

Professional Integrators, OEMs and Solution providers can build differentiating applications based on any LiDAR without needing to deal with the complexity of low-level 3D processing and interfacing with multiple LiDAR products.

Customers are Builders of Smart Machines (ie Mobile robots and Vehicles)  and Infrastructure-based solution providers that monitor the flow of People, Goods or Vehicles (ie. Smart Cities, Industry, Road Safety, Logistics, Security & Surveillance…).

The company recently announced several strategic partnerships with the leading LiDAR suppliers in Europe, USA and Asia, among them VelodyneOusterHesai and Robosense.

Source: Website

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