Drone Delivery Canada Corp. announced that on April 27, 2021, the United States Patent Office granted the Company U.S. Patent No. 10,987,184  for ‘Medical or Emergency Package and Method of Use Thereof’.

The patent is directed to DDC’s proprietary, portable emergency or medical package. In particular, the patent is directed to the concept of a proprietary package including a number of compartments, where some compartments containing medical equipment(s) are locked. The package also includes a communication device that is detachable from the package so that a user of the package can use the communication device to communicate with remote personnel who, based on such audio/video information received from the user, can open a selected locked compartment to permit access to the medical equipment contained therein.

“This is our third United States Patent Office grant issued. This patent again demonstrates our innovation and the breadth of applications in this disruptive drone delivery industry.  Healthcare and emergency medical response are key markets for the Company, and we continue to mark successes,” commented Michael Zahra, President & CEO of Drone Delivery Canada. “On behalf of the Company I would like to thank all of our dedicated staff who were integral to this accomplishment.”

DDC is currently seeking patent protection for other aspects of its technology in the US and other countries.

Source: Press Release

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