Skycart has announced the development of the world’s first four-drop delivery drone, the Nimbus.

The Skycart Nimbus is the world’s first multi-delivery drone, capable of delivering four packages in one mission, all through our autonomous cloud network. Our patent pending self-balancing multi-delivery technology makes the Nimbus the most advanced delivery drone on the market, with the ability to reduce delivery costs by 30% and drone air congestion by 75%.

The Nimbus was designed through an iterative process to ensure the drone is aerodynamically efficient to reach high speeds with lower than low emissions. The modular design enables each component to be replaced if broken, which maximizes scalability and minimizes maintenance costs. Unlike other drones, the Nimbus utilizes canards at the front of the aircraft, helping to minimize air resistance, enabling the drone to fly faster, and minimize any chance of stalling. Like an airplane, the Nimbus’s canards and wings stabilize the drone horizontally and vertically, and generate lift. Like a helicopter, the Nimbus’s motors can rotate so the drone can hover in the air.

The Nimbus’s pod is designed to reduce air resistance, and create safe storage for all packages. The pod fits four packages and has a built-in rack that allows for easy package loading and unloading. It even has the option to allow deliveries to be made by line, parachute, or placed on the ground.  At the bottom of the rack is a small door to enable the precise drop of each package.

Furthermore, each Nimbus has multiple cameras built-in which are supported by AI systems that can detect obstacles and maneuver accordingly to ensure the safety of its surroundings.

The Nimbus runs on rechargeable batteries and is controlled by the Skycart Cumulus Cloud, our cloud drone management service.  Nimbus flies to designated GPS locations, programmatically by Cumulus through 4G cellular towers which are backed by Iridium satellites when cellular signals are lost. Our Skycart Altus Mobile Application makes Nimbus deliveries simple with its user friendly interface to Cumulus.

The Nimbus also incorporates redundant processors, sensors, failsafes, and an emergency recovery system.

Through implementing this patent-pending technology, Skycart’s exclusive Nimbus drone will:

-Reduce air traffic by up to 75%
-Improve access to healthcare
-Provide immediate aid to COVID-19 stricken communities
-Reduce the cost of personnel by 52.5%
-Reduce the fleet maintenance costs by up to 75% as compared to a fleet of competing drones with a similar delivery scale
-Reduce the cost per package delivered
-Enable various industries to adopt drone delivery

Autonomous, eco-friendly, and operating on a cloud network, Skycart’s Nimbus Drone is intended to cultivate meaningful social change. There has never been a more immediate need for technological innovations geared towards healthcare. The Nimbus will ensure timely and efficient deliveries of vaccines and medicine to communities in need, without compromising cost.

“The Skycart Nimbus is crucial to saving lives because it bridges communities to major hospitals that can provide medical supplies to their smaller facilities over an aerial super highway, especially where roads present challenges. Every minute and every second count toward a patient’s survivability for emergency medical supplies. Our drones also eliminate expired drugs and vaccines, stock outs and spoilage because these crucial medical items can be delivered quickly and easily, without the need to store larger amounts on hand.”

— Simon Yuen, Chief Executive and Technical Officer

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to bridging the access gap for developing countries; Skycart’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Nimbus Four-Drop Delivery Drone.

Sources: Press Release; website

[In April, Wingcopter announced a triple drop delivery drone -Ed.]

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