Parrot, a European drone group, announced its collaboration with Textron Systems – a global provider of unmanned air, surface and land products, services and support for aerospace and defense customers.

Combining Parrot’s durable ANAFI USA and ANAFI platform drones with Textron Systems’ Optice software, professionals can now enhance their aerial experience and take advantage of the program’s real-time analysis, smart visualization and collaboration capabilities leveraging augmented reality (AR).

Combined with Parrot ANAFI USA’s 32x zoom and 4K HDR video imaging capabilities— Optice brings advanced mission support functionality to Parrot ANAFI drones and offers faster insights to professional pilots.

Optice’s real-time live stream video capabilities offer Parrot pilots a one-tool solution and the ability to seamlessly add AR overlays to footage using geospatial context, track objects, share operational data with team-mates, record missions and generate reports. With mission playback and recording— the software also offers ANAFI pilots forensic exploitation, integrated with existing geographic information systems (GIS) data, to support the in-depth analysis of sites.

Utilizing ANAFI USA’s automatic flight modes, Optice simplifies workflows for tactical mission support— reducing training requirements and applying capabilities to make critical analysis projects easier than ever for professionals.

Textron Systems is already working with a number of organizations including defense agencies, law enforcement and first response departments, and has many active clients who will now be able to integrate Parrot’s ANAFI USA and ANAFI drones into their fleets.

 Optice is now available for use with ANAFI and ANAFI USA platform drones. 

Source: Press Release

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