The Ukrspecsystems team recently participated in a demonstration for a foreign delegation. The PD-2 UAS automatic takeoff and landing, operating under heavy rain and strong wind at the speed of 10 m/s, and surveillance of an ATGM hitting a target at a 2 km distance.The State Kyiv Design Bureau LUCH, a leading Ukrainian defense company, took shots from its anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) systems and hit their intended targets with phenomenal accuracy, during a demonstration at ht military range in the Kharkiv region for official delegation of the Pakistani Army to Ukraine.

The PD-2 UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range and approved by militaries for militaries. The system is packed with high-end technologies, AES 128/256 encryption, advanced payloads, and anti-jamming technologies. PD-2 UAS is well-suited for military use, border control, surveillance, power line inspections, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, and public safety applications.

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