IN-FLIGHT Data has announced its strategic partnership with Airial Robotics from Germany. Starting June 2021, IN-FLIGHT Data is the Approved Canadian Distributor and North American Reseller of the entire line of Airial Robotics drones, from 4 kg to an eye-popping 600 KG max take-off weight.

IN-FLIGHT Data is also the approved MRO and OEM training organization in North America.

They’re called Gyrocopters, and they are neither multi-copters nor fixed wing aircraft. The Gyrotrak commercial UAV introduces a new, cutting edge, disruptive hybrid technology to the market, combining the best of Gyrocopter and Helicopter.

This new concept delivers very low energy consumption forward flight as well as vertical take-off, landing, hovering, or loitering, at any time during a mission. Gyrotrak UAV’s have large payload capability, very long flight times and a high level of in-flight redundancy with safety being a priority.

With an empty weight of only 7.5kg and an incredible maximum take-off weight of 20kg, GT20 is an impressive and serious cargo and inspection platform – with flight times of up to 2.5 hours with HD EO/IR mission loads. GT20 can be equipped with all types of sensors and can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

For even more capability, range, endurance and power, clients can level-up to the GT100, which can hoist an MX-10, or elevate even further to the GT200 Hybrid, which can hoist an MX-15D and fly over 6 hours on heavy fuel. Both models can stream mission and payload data over 100 NM to the operator.

Gyrotrak’s conceptual design and modular construction combines a highly flexible system architecture for the airframe which allows it to easily adapt to different tasks and missions. The central frame includes the rotor head, motor(s), gearbox, main PCB and traction motors which form the basis for all Gyrotrak models.

One of the most striking safety features of Gyrotrak is its ability to autorotate. Since the main rotor is in autorotation mode during forward flight, Gyrotrak is able to land slowly and safely, even in the event of a motor failure.

However a failure is highly unlikely. The Embention Veronte Autopilot is up to 4x redundant, DO-178/ED-12 and DO-254 certified, and fully compliant with STANAG 4671, IEEE STD 830-1998 & STANAG 4703.DDP. The GT20 is supported with an evidence documentation package available for UAV / RPAS / Drone certification, valid also for the System Safety Assessment (SSA).

The GT-20, and its family of affordable and certified drones, is the perfect fit for Canada. It is a true BVLOS workhorse that will quickly become your go-to mission tool.

Source: Press Release

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