Parrot and AirData UAV are announcing a new partnership to benefit drone pilots and fleet operators. Parrot welcomes AirData to FreeFlight 6 through an integration with the AirData platform. The Parrot and AirData teams have collaborated to provide comprehensive crash prevention intelligence and live streaming to ANAFI pilots.

Parrot and AirData have augmented the drone telemetry via a firmware update and made it seamless and easy to automatically upload your flight records. This includes pilot and flight data logging and analysis, compliance management, maintenance tracking, and crash prevention information, to improve flight efficiency for better and safer drone operations.

“Parrot has today the largest ecosystem of apps and services connected to the ANAFI platform. This partnership with AirData offers professional operators a perfect solution for a complete enterprise-grade flight logging solution, combined with real-time and secured streaming capabilities. This is yet another proof of Parrot’s commitment to continuously enhance our ANAFI platform through the addition of high performance, value-enhancing partners.”

said Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Parrot.

AirData’s real-time live stream video is an additional benefit for Parrot pilots, requiring no hardware, and is compatible with virtually any common browser application on any device. The streams are PIN-protected, allowing pilots and account admins to securely share the low-latency drone feed anywhere over the Internet.

“We are excited to partner with Parrot to augment the ANAFI telemetry data with an updated drone firmware, as well as offer automatic upload to AirData from within the FreeFlight 6 app,” said Eran Steiner, Founder, and CEO of AirData. “Together, we help customers reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, meet compliance requirements, and easily live stream drone footage in real-time with no additional hardware.”

Source: Press Release

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