This video of a man in a helmet hoverboarding down Times Square appeared recently on social media.

It’s still unclear when the video was taken or who the pilot is – but it may well have been a YouTuber named Hunter Kowald who was behind the stunt.

A recent video uploaded to his channel shows a similar-looking stunt in late April which might have been in preparation for the Times Square escapade.

Hunter Kowald touts his aircraft  the ‘SkySurfer Hoverboard Aircraft’ as the world’s smallest and most powerful hovercraft.

A number of years in research & design has led to completion of engineering and testing on one of the world’s first hoverboards capable of transporting a person by standing on top. This aircraft is the most compact, powerful and efficient design capable of aggressively maneuvering through the air. The following is based off of a 185lb person.

  1. Test results show it can lift all up 500 lbs.
  2. Custom carbon fiber structure has been tested with a 1.5x safety factor and loaded with 750lbs.
  3. Redundancy throughout all electrical components allow the device to monitor and select it’s strongest signal.
  4. 2 motors can fail, and safe landing is possible.
  5. 1 power system can be lost, and safe landing is possible.
  6. In an emergency, propeller rotation is capable of breaking the speed of sound and sustain supersonic, to compensate forces lost.
  7. FAA aircraft navigation lighting.
  8. VTOL & custom components, all industrial grade equipment.
  9. Aveo Engineering for the Aircraft Navigation lighting.

Sources: Twitter; YouTube

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