Four explosive-laden drones hit locations northeast of Erbil early Saturday morning. The attack caused material damage, but there were no casualties.
“Three drones hit the house of a citizen near the village of Bragh in Erbil province and another drone landed in an unpopulated area on Mount Tarin,” Kurdistan Region’s counter-terrorism unit said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

Two of the drones that hit the house in Bragh exploded and the other did not, the statement added.

Security sources and eyewitnesses earlier told Rudaw that three drones had hit two houses in Bragh village, a few kilometres away from where the new US consulate is under construction. One of them did not explode. Another two other drones hit the village of Gomaspan, a senior government source had told Rudaw.

The counter-terrorism unit shared photos of the drones with Arabic phrases written on them: “Peace be upon you, Oh beauty of Iraq,” and “In the name of God, Qasim al-Jabbarin,” and “Owner of time,” and “Oh Zahra.”

Drones are a new weapon of Iranian-backed Iraqi militias who are blamed for rocket attacks on American interests across the country.

Source: Rudaw

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