Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc., a supplier of detection apparatus and unmanned technologies, has announced that the first PRT X1-H model UAS has been sold and delivered to Aardvark LLP, to perform long range oil pipeline security and environmental operations in remote locations.

Alisher Valikhanov, General Director of Aardvark stated,

“As one of the leading UAV service providers in Kazakhstan, we are delighted to announce the recent purchase of the new X1-H octocopter from Plymouth Rock Technologies.

“This addition to our ever-expanding fleet of UAVs will be used for environmental monitoring in the North Caspian Sea, as well as detailed observation and security patrols around national assets. The X1-H also enables long range autonomous missions of hundreds of miles for essential environmental ice flow monitoring for our globally recognized client base. We are very excited to be pioneering the unrivalled capabilities of this octocopter and we look forward to a working with the PRT team, as we upgrade our fleet over the next year” concluded Valikhanov.

“This deployment of the PRT X1-H for long range, onshore and offshore capability will provide a stepping stone for PRT to enter into the Oil & Natural Gas Infrastructure market. Long-endurance flight is essential for mission critical surveillance, priority delivery or first response,” stated Carl Cagliarini, Chief Strategy Officer at PRT. “In an emergency situation when time is a factor, a long-endurance drone becomes a deeply compelling replacement for manned helicopters. The X1-H UAS has achieved up to a 4 hour flight time based on testing completed at our UK facilites with the payload required by Aardvark. ” concluded Cagliarini.

“We welcome Aardvark as a significant new client and look forward to further news on the missions that our UAS platforms will be tasked with” stated Dana Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer at PRT. “We believe this relationship will not only enable our partners to deliver top tier service to their clients, but also allow us to learn a great deal more of how our drones perform in remote, challenging environments and demonstrate the true capabilities of PRT UAS. Being chosen as the vendor to replace the aging fleet at Aardvark, is a significant business opportunity and privilege, concluded Wheeler.

Source: Press Release

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