Russia has begun to promote its first export strike drone Orion-E to the world arms market, the first applications for the drone have been received from customers, a source in the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti.
Earlier “Orion” was offered for export only in reconnaissance version, without weapons.

“The Russian special exporter company Rosoboronexport , together with the developer company Kronstadt, has begun promoting an unmanned complex with an Orion aircraft in a strike version, equipped with a universal weapon system, on the world arms market,”

the agency’s interlocutor said.

He added that “proposals for the supply of the Orion strike were sent to a number of foreign customers who may be in demand for this type of strike apparatus, and several initiative applications were received from potential buyers.”

According to the source, real deliveries of the Orion strike for export can start at the end of this – early next year, after the opening by the Kronstadt company of a plant for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in Dubna .

“It is expected that in terms of the aggregate of indicators” price – quality – intellectualization of the board “the Russian drone Orion-E will be one of the best offers on the market and will become” killers “of competitors such as the Turkish” Bayraktar “, – the agency’s interlocutor added.
The press service of Rosoboronexport did not comment on the information provided by the source to RIA Novosti. At the same time, the company stressed that “the Orion unmanned complex really has a great export potential and interest in it is aroused due to its unique tactical and technical characteristics and combat capabilities.”

The strike version of the Orion-E is equipped with a universal complex of aviation weapons, which makes it possible with high efficiency to destroy both stationary and moving ground targets, armored vehicles and vehicles of the enemy, and his manpower. Orion-E’s weapons include unguided and corrected aerial bombs, as well as various guided missiles. The maximum payload weight of the drone is 200 kilograms, the total payload weight is up to 250 kilograms.

“Orion-E” belongs to the class of medium-altitude attack unmanned aerial vehicles of long duration. The drone is supplied to the Russian Armed Forces under the name “Pacing”. The device can be in flight for up to a day. Its maximum take-off weight is 1150 kilograms, the UAV’s cruising speed is 200 kilometers per hour, and its maximum flight altitude is 7 kilometers. The wingspan of the drone is 16 meters, the length is 8 meters.

The Russian military actively used the “pacers” for reconnaissance and air strikes against terrorists in Syria as part of the flight tests of the unmanned complex. In particular, one of the vehicles made 38 sorties in Syria, including 17 with strikes at terrorist targets.

In addition, as another source in the military-industrial complex previously reported to RIA Novosti, Syria tested the technology of guiding unmanned aerial vehicles “Piper” at terrorist targets using the modernized wearable complex of intelligence, command and communications “Strelets-M”. As a result, high rates of efficiency and accuracy of hitting targets in real time were achieved.

Source: RIA Novosti

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