After testing Intel’s data processing, visualization, analytics and drone data reporting service for more than a year, Delair is getting a new round of support from the mega-tech developer: capital.  Intel Capital has announced plans to invest an undisclosed amount into Delair and its commercial drone solution business through a Series B investment round. 

According to Delair, the funding will be used to help better implement the Intel Insight Platform. The system allows users to organize, share and harness the rich data provided by drones.

Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager of the Drones Group at Intel, said the partnership will help make aerial-based data collection and analysis an effective business intelligence approach for more enterprises. Intel believes the collaboration with Delair will help leverage Delair’s expertise in the drone-captured 2D/3D models and images with Intel’s wide range of analytics and digital tools.

“Data is the future of the commercial drone business,” said Michael de Lagarde, CEO.

Intel has designed its platform to be used in the agriculture, construction, utilities and oil and gas sectors. The system comes with access to Pix4D or Bentley processing options. The use of Intel’s cloud allows users to process data collected via drone to the cloud and then export the data using other business tools if necessary.

Delair, based in France, employs more than 100 and has UAVs in more than 80 countries. The company has acquired multiple UAS-based businesses. Delair produces and sells fixed-wing UAVs designed for beyond visual line of sight operations. 

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